This page is a space of exploration, questioning, and the free sharing of ideas. If you loved a passage from the novel and are not sure why, quote it and ask. If you hated a chapter, tell us. If you don't know what a word or a historical reference means--ask! This blog will be a space for you to take notes in class, comment while you are reading, and generally engage with the text in an informal, yet written, format. You will need to comment in some way before every class meeting, but these comments need not be long. Please remember, in creating these comments and responding to others, what Mina Harker says upon hearing Van Helsing's vampire theory for the first time: ""I have learned not to think little of any one's belief no matter how strange it may be."  You may choose to create your own topic or respond to another student's post, but remember, this is a space of engagement, not isolated thought.

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