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Last fridays class mad eme thik about Mina more than I did before. She was always the "smart one"
while Lucy was the "pretty one" but there's more to her. She seems to be the perfect Victorian woman. she is an assistant school teacher and knows how to use machines and such, which could be seen as masculin traits yet  there's a whole thing about her purity and her sexuality. She is presented as the antithesis of Lucy yet we don't know which one of them is going to get turned because they both have repressed sexual desires.  Mina is clearly a supporter of  women having skills
and a sort of power and thus represents the change in England at the time, but I think that's why she doesn't get turned. 
To be turned into a vampire gives you strength and an opening ot your repressed Lucy would benefit from it more.
That said, for all her strength and smarts, she is still a woman, therefore she is dutiful to her husband and  doesn't compromise her reputation.  She is representative of the duplecity women of England faced.



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