Prior to our discussion on Friday I never really thought about the fact that Lucy can be seen as a sexually dangerous character even before any vampiric influence happens. She can be seen as potentially dangerous because she both attracts men with ease and also indicates that she might be interested in a reverse harem if it were an option. After reading what the men in her life do for her in order to keep her safe I think it's safe to say that she can be considered a dangerous woman. Men who love her will willingly die for her and give up sleep and health for her, and men who barely know her are willing to do almost as much. For example, Helsing, who really is almost a stranger, immediately becomes emotionally involved in her health. As she is now she doesn't notice all that they do for her without her even asking. Under the assumption that she does become a vampire, it will be interesting to see if Lucy becomes more aware of her power over men in the future.

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