I think you pose an interesting idea, I especially like the comparison between Harkner and a paranoid--but free--Victorian Englander. That being said, I think there are a few things that, perhaps with further exploration of the similarities, could be fleshed out, but currently seem lacking to me. For example, Jack the Ripper only target women, didn't he? While the Count does have some sense of romantic victimization, clearly he does not solely target women. Also, more directly, as in any case with a serial killer, a great deal of the fear is grown in the soil of the imagination, with the seed of reality. Fear of the unknown, of the unseen, of the possibility that anyone you see walking down the street could have just last night murdered their most recent victim. Johnathan Harkner does not experience these things closely enough for me to feel like a direct comparison is accurate. Rather, his enemy is one that is hidden only through the thin veil of courtesy, of deeds unseen and unaware of in the night.

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