Dracula and the Norms of Society (Nick Rendon) -              The Dracula Blog:  A Mass of Material of which the Record is Composed
I would like to focus on how Dracula changes/inverts some of the norms of society in the novel. After further thoughts about this notion, I believe that Dracula defies the boundaries of society. Dracula researches English culture and history so he can get an idea of what society is like for when he eventually blends in with it. Even though Dracula embodies class and restraint, he is still a vampire, which is a norm of the supernatural society. I think that Stoker intentionally used Dracula as a supernatural being to get a point across. I believe that Stoker uses Dracula as a supernatural entity that introduces/inverts the norms of society. On the other hand, Dracula also embodies old customs such as class. I believe that Stoker does this because he is trying to infuse/represent the social change that England is undergoing within the book.

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