In our insane virtual class I started noticing the character's names in Dracula. People mentioned that the name Dracula means Lucifer, and that Lucy's name means light, which made me think more about the other characters. Arthur could be named after the ancient British King of the round table. The king is married to Guinevere, who infamously spurned Lancelot, much as Lucy did with her two other suitors. I would like to look more into the other names, for example, I wonder if Mina was a modern name at the time, suggesting she is one of the "Modern Women" she mentions, or whether it is more traditional. Van Helsing is a "doctor" that deals with superstition and Steward is trained in the Western (British) way of medicine, which their names reflect in their clearly foreign and English origin, respectively. 
Will Cohen
4/1/2012 05:48:00

But Guinevere didn't spurn Lancelot. She was unfaithful to King Arthur, and ultimately chose the knight. The resulting feud tore the kingdom apart, gave Mordred the opening he needed to launch the campaign which cumulated in the Battle of Salisbury Down, and ultimately caused King Arthur's death.

Emily Seymour
4/2/2012 00:14:51

Hmm I need to know medieval times better.


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