In the virtual class, we talked about how Lucy is a vampire herself even before she is bitten in that she seduces men and thus has a power over them so they give her anything she wants. Once she is bitten, Arthur, Dr. Steward, and Van Helsing all give up their blood for her benefit. The latter two do not let Arthur know of these transfusions as "It would frighten and enjealous him" (119). The fact that the men are putting parts of themselves into Lucy's body and that she is getting a kind of pleasure out of it gives this bloodletting a sexual nature. Dr. Steward even comments on how good it feels to give his life to Lucy because he feels that he is saving her; he seems to take pleasure in the fact that they have a bodily connection.

This jealousy over blood transfusion relationships harkens back to when Dracula yells at the female vampires, "How dare you touch him... This man belongs to me" (43). In this instance, there is jealousy between those taking the blood from the victim, but it seems from Dr. Steward's feelings toward Lucy, that there can be jealousy among both the blood givers and the blood takers, which further enforces the connection between sex and vampirism.


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