Adolescent Development in Dracula (Anna H) -              The Dracula Blog:  A Mass of Material of which the Record is Composed
Corinne made a point during the class about the power distribution that is shown in the book. She says that in Dracula, “Stoker seems to be attributing physical power to men and mental power to women.” I do agree that the power dynamics are different between the women and men in the book, but I wonder if the “mental power” of Mina is actually that.  More than anything, I think that Mina’s power works more off of superstition than mental power. I feel Mina is weak minded and naïve like a child. When she easily kissed the suitor she had turned down and continued on as if nothing happened, it showed how oblivious to the world she is. 

The women in the story also have very adolescent behaviors that demonstrate their actions. The sisters are at a rebellious age wanting to go beyond their “father’s”, Dracula, rules when he tells them to stay away from Harker. Lucy is at age of sexual awareness where she has become conscious of her body and of how to attract men.  Mina seems to be the least developed in her behaviors, acting in a childish way that tends to make her seem prepubescent.

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