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      From our class virtual discussion, what I found rather interesting was the developing ideas of everyone where the roles in which either Lucy and Mina was explained as having where either too simple or too extreme. This discussion in itself nagged at me as though there was some type of vital information that I should know but didn't. Yet later as I continued to read more of both the discussion and the book I came to the conclusion that the objectification of Mina being labeled as is nothing more than the common woman is pure "BS". Which lead to the big question that is constantly circling throughout my head, which is: Why is it that because Lucy's characters is giving more of a feminist perspective through her actions, along with her acceptance of woman sexuality, why is it that she has to be perceived as "a ho" or "slut"? Why is is that Dracula who embodies these same characteristics but instead uses Lucy's same approaches to ensure his survival isn't every verbally vocalized? Although gender is a major issue in literature during this time, is it because of the audience/readers personal expectations or desire to consantly ridicule the extreme in one person more than the other (without always thinking about it as being solely focused on man/woman ?
                             - Kimberly Belgrave

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